Previous work (2001 -) is the product of a 17 year collaboration with the University of Oxford. It contains 8K pages, 25K videos and attracts almost 6 million visits per year. We manage the site, edit video content and oversaw a redevelopment of the site on drupal.

Dipex International (2012 -)

DIPEx International (DI) is an association of research groups and nonprofits around the world who are working on projects in their respective countries. We developed and run the DI website.

DETERMIND (2019 -)

DETERMIND is a 5-year dementia study funded by the Economic and Social Research Council comprising of researchers from 7 UK institutions.  It will examine costs, barriers, inequalities, planning and decision-making around dementia care and suggest ways to improve outcomes for people with dementia and their carers.We developed a website for the project and will support public dissemination of the study’s outputs.

INQUIRE (2016-2019)

INQUIRE was an Oxford University research project on improving NHS quality using internet ratings and experiences. We developed and managed the main website for the study.

Short film: Premature birth in Kenya (2018)

With the University of Oxford we developed a training film featuring interviews with Kenyan mothers whose babies were born early. We edited the interview clips together with footage of Nairobi and sourced the background music.

IPEx (2012-16)

Internet Patient Experiences (IPEx) was an NIHR-funded study which aimed to investiagte how patient experiences can function as health information. We worked in partnership with 7 universities to build 6 test websites and the main site for the project.

Short film: Intensive care service improvement (2015)

We produced a short staff training film for the SILENCE study, a project funded by the NIHR Research for Patient Benefit that investigated noise-reducation in Intensive Care Units (ICU). The film included interviews with people who had previously been patients in ICU and formed part of a programme of Accelerated Evidence-based Co-design (AEBCD). A reduction in noise was recorded following staff training with the film.