Work with us

We are passionate about communicating research to the public. We have years of experience in working with research groups to:

  • Create and publish public facing outputs and resources from qualitative research including websites, copyediting, branding, design, video (including animations, adverts and documentary videos) and audio.
  • Provide technical support for the research process such as providing test websites for randomised control trials and setting up technical solutions to collect data including online focus groups and social networks.
  • Develop and maintain information websites for numerous research studies and groups.

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Why do we work with qualitative research?

As a charity we were set up to share real life health experiences as a way of helping other people in the same situation and to bring the patient voice to medical education. Our founders wanted to ensure that the stories shared were detailed, balanced and reliable and decided that the best way to do this was using qualitative research methods.

We see qualitative research as a systematic way of collecting people’s real-life stories and we know that stories help other people in the same situation. Our website holds resources on more than 100 health and social issues and 25,000 videos based on qualitative research interviews. The site was accessed 7 million times in 2018 and our feedback surveys suggest we help people feel less alone in what they are going through, better prepared and informed and more motivated to look after their own health.

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