Disseminating quality research for the public benefit

We have published public-facing outputs from qualitative health research since 2001, mainly through our website healthtalk.org. As well as working with research, we have skills and experience in video and audio production, copywriting and developing and managing websites.

Dipex works with universities all over the world including Oxford, Cambridge,Yale and many others besides. Our 100+ resources were accessed more than 7 million times last year. We help the public feel better informed, better prepared and reassured, not to mention less alone in what they are going through. The resources are also used in: health service improvement, schools, medical education and other forms of professional training.

We believe that research studies should help the public directly through public-facing, lay outputs. As we are a charity, our focus is on helping people. As such, we aim to keep all resources available beyond the end of a research project. In fact, many of our resources have outlived the original project funding by up to 10 years or more!