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Dipex Charity launches Covid-19- talk to share people’s experiences.

Today we launch Covid-19 talk, a new website that will collect and share experiences of Covid-19 on an ongoing basis. You can now visit Covid-19talk to hear other people’s experiences or share your Covid-19 story.

We wanted to create a Covid-19 resource in the style of healthtalk.org. That is, to share a wide range of different experiences, divided up by the various aspects and stages of the disease.

Usually, the stories on healthtalk.org are collected and analysed over the course of a year by academic researchers. The Dipex Charity will continue to work in partnership with researchers on a range of health and social care resources, including Covid-19. However, given the current situation, we wanted to react quickly so we could help people who need it. So, we decided to collect stories that were already out there on the world wide web, posted on social media and news websites.

Dipex Charity CEO Adam Barnett said “The charity has a long history of shedding new light on to health conditions through people’s experience. Covid-19 is no exception. It’s a new virus and relatively little is known about how it affects people. We hope that by collecting and sharing the stories of many people who have had Covid-19, we can all to understand it better”

Communications and Marketing Manager Jo Kidd said “When reading people’s accounts one striking theme is how many said that the Covid-19 virus seems to come and go. They thought the virus was gone, only for symptoms to come back again a few days later. This sort of information isn’t widely available, but it may be important for people to be aware that this could happen.”

The website includes videos from across the web, and people’s stories are divided up into the following categories:

Early Covid-19 signs and symptoms

Diagnosis of Covid-19

Self-isolation with Covid-19 symptoms

Progression of the Covid-19 illness

Treatment of Covid-19

Long term impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 and work

Bereavement by Covid-19

Visit Covid-19Talk to find out more or share your Covid-19 story with us, to add to the website.

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