British South Asian’s views on COVID-19 information.

British South Asian views on COVID-19 information.

A new report shares British South Asians’ views on COVID-19 health information. The research was carried out by Oxford University and The University of Leicester. The Dipex Charity provided a catalyst film based on video interviews with people from ethnic minority groups about health and we also designed the report. In the UK, the pandemic … Read more

American version of relaunches

We’re excited to share the news that the American sister site to,, has re-launched with a new design and two new resources or ‘modules’. The Dipex Charity team has been working closely with our colleagues across the pond to give the site a new design and the functionality to expand as the number … Read more

How to do qualitative research video interviews remotely.

qualitative research interview video skype

This is the next blog in our series about conducting qualitative research remotely while on Covid-19 lockdown! Video interviews are used extensively on our website In fact, we have more than 25,000 video and audio clips on the website, all from qualitative research interviews recorded in people’s homes. Researchers around the world are working … Read more

How to do a focus group remotely – online chat


Focus groups usually happen face-to-face, so you might be tempted to jump straight to thinking about video conferencing as solution. See our blog on how to do online video focus groups for more about this. But have you ever considered doing a focus group in writing using a forum or online messenger? We have used … Read more